Banana & mango ice creams - kids will love it! Summer magic! - Tomasz Czaplicki Private Chef
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Banana & mango ice creams – kids will love it! Summer magic!


Banana & mango ice creams – kids will love it! Summer magic!

Mission for today – healthy, not sugar overloaded ice creams! For you, for your kids, for your friendsĀ and neighbours! Share the summer!

Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world for good reason. They are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and contain moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and dietary fiber. Some scientists believe that the banana may have even been the world’s first fruit.

Mango contains a variety of nutrients, especially vitamin C and folate (44% and 11% daily value). The antioxidant zeaxanthin, found in mangoes, filters out harmful blue light rays and is thought to play a protective role in eye health.

Preparation & cooking: 10 minutes + cooling time and processing in ice-cream maker or freezing

Tools you may need: ice cream maker or freezer, hand blender or mixer or food processor

Calories: It is definitely not a dietary treat

Vegetarian friendly

Makes about 6 - 8 portions. 10 if you are on diet.



  • 280g banana, soft & ripe
  • 150g mango, soft & ripe
  • 280g cream, 35%
  • 125g greek yogurt
  • 50g sugar or 3 table spoon of honey


  • 1. Peel the mango, roughly chop.
  • 2. Peel the banana, roughly chop.
  • 3. Combine all the ingredients and blend with hand blender or food processor or mixer (until smooth)
  • 4. Let it cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes
  • 5. Use the ice cream maker (follow the instruction)
  • 6. If you don’t have the ice-cream maker, omit point 4 & 5 and put the ice-creams straight to the freezer for a few hours

The ice-creams were eaten straight from the ice-maker, i didn’t get a chance to arrange it nicely on the plate. My son loves it!


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