Testimonials - Tomasz Czaplicki Private Chef
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Thank you for an AMAZING dinner! From all the girls at Can Lauren!
‎Amy Gasson‎, 11 June 2016, Ibiza

We had a a week of fabulous food from Tomas in our chalet in Klosters. The variety and quality of dishes were excellent and imaginative with Japanese, classic French, Italian and some Polish dishes, we loved the Polish dumplings! The Sushi and Terriyaki night was a really nice change. Every day we enjoyed fresh baked bread and cakes from Tomas, with many choices for breakfast such as eggs Benedict AmericAn style pancakes. Who needs a Michelin restaurant, having Tomas as your private chef is way better. John Barclay, 13 April 2016, Klosters, Switzerland

We hired Tomasz to be our private chef for our villa during our annual Ibiza trip. He exceeded our expectations and was a pleasure to have around. His presentation and quality of food was great and cooked a wide variety of healthy, delicious dishes. I would definitely recommend him to others. Make sure he cooks you his homemade croissants and granola for breakfast! - Varun Khemaney. 9-11 June 2015, Ibiza

Dear Tomasz, Thank you for being so nice and so accommodating to our huge family and coping with so many disparate demands with good humour and good food! Best wishes - Felicity Waley-Cohen. Family holidays, 21-28 May 2015, Ibiza

Absolutely AMAZING and incredibly healthy food. Such a fun, easy going and hard working chap too! Thanks So much Tomasz for the best week’s food ever! You legend! Lettice Rowbotham
28 March - 11 April 2015, Ibiza

Dear Tomasz. I have experienced your art as a private chef 2 x already during sportbootcamp-weeks on Ibiza and was really impressed by your work. Especially being a vegeterian it is not always in common to get really fresh, totally tasty and creative meals. You definitely did though and also your reliable, very friendly personality makes the perfect roundup for having you as a private chef! - Juliane Davidshofer Boot camp, 4-11 October 2014 / 28 March - 11 April 2015, Ibiza

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for everything last week. You were incredible and I can certainly say that your kindness, patience and sense of humour certainly helped me get through a very stressful week. I also hope that we can work together one day in the future - Cate Murden. Boot camp, 04-11 October 2014, Ibiza
Dear Tomasz, I am writing to thank you for your tremendous work as a private chef during our recent visit to Ibiza. Since we had anywhere from 10 to 15 people staying at our villa at any given time, representing a fairly wide variety of tastes and dietary restrictions, I am sure that the assignment was a challenging one. However, you answered the challenge and performed well above our lofty expectations. You made three meals each day, plus snacks, and every one was fantastic and reasonably healthy as well. It would be impossible to single out a favourite, but at literally every meal we and our guests remarked about how great the food was. Moreover, you were both highly reliable and consistently goodnatured and accommodating. The meals you prepared and our experience with you were a highlight of our trip and I would engage you as a private chef again without hesitation - Steven F. Mayer.
Holidays, 15-23 August 2014, Ibiza
You were great to have around and the meals were creative, healthy
and wonderful tasting. I would give you a 10 out of 10. - Nick Kaiser Holidays, 15-23 August 2014, Ibiza